Seigr Huset, the DAO project

Seigr Huset is an ambitious common good DAO project. A vision I have based on all my previous projects, studies and working life. It can be seen as a social-ecological and cultural project. To understand it it’s necessary to mention some of my backgrounds.

Where does the idea come from?

The Seigr Huset vision is the result of all my previous experience in, among others: music, photography, painting, publishing, programming, illusionism, mail carrying, design, vending, printing, roofing systems, AD, cemetery work, land art and beekeeping. I must say that I have previously tried to establish similar projects. But it was not the right time, the model I needed for my projects was not so popular or was seen with scepticism. I now build the project with forest beekeeping as the main local activity and cultural activities on the blockchain.

From my “Nature in B&W” collection on OpenSea

Although Seigr Huset is born from what I’ve done until now and the need of a beekeeper’s workshop, the vision is about how I can use all my previous experience and turn it into a common good project with the help of the community. Turning a physical place needed locally into a virtual one offering something needed globally.

I’ve been playing music since 1992. I play guitar, bass, no-input mixer, drums, vocals… Photo by Jarle Vidme

How to turn it into a common good DAO?

I am a forest beekeeper and very concerned about the climate crisis. But I am also an artist concerned about global humanitarian crisis. How can I contribute to make the world a better place?

Here I am with my forest beehives in Bispedalen, Lillomarka (Norway)

Every little action has a huge impact. I’ve decided to take my forest beekeeping to an even more eco-friendly beekeeping. That itself is a common good. But if I do also build a space that can offer art and workshops anywhere in the planet in a sustainable way, then the common good will be not only visible locally but globally. Ambitious, I know.

I always learn something new from the bees

I have experience enough to know how difficult it is to achieve certain goals alone. I do also have experience enough to know how difficult it can be to share a vision with potential investors and collaborators. Blockchain’s fast development and deployment is a game changer.

Being concerned about the climate crisis doesn’t mean that I don’t see the potential technologies have to help us make the world a better place. The decentralized autonomous organization model fits perfectly into the Seigr Huset’s vision.

I have experience and I have a physical place in the forest. A cabin (although I call it a house) in the forest with a big potential for creating something valuable both locally and globally. A common good both physical and virtual. A place where I can keep producing my honey and host talks, workshops, concerts and whatever the community consensus decides. A house both in the forest and the blockchain. This is a network kind of work. Not only because of the financial and technical difficulties but because of the need of interesting proposals, new points of view and experienced people for this project to succeed.

Seigr Huset in Bjønndalsmyra, Nittedal (Norway)

Where’s the project at the moment?

As of February 2022, the project is still very young. The cabin I bought last November needs now an off-grid solar photovoltaic system and a rain water collection system. This is a must for both honey production and for the DAO infrastructure.

Seigr Huset has also its own token being deployed on polygon, it’s called SEIG. It will be used as the primary token for the DAO.

SEIG token

I‘ve been testing different DAO platforms. The goal is to build the DAO together with the Seigr Huset network, so it grows as needed. But for now I choose DAOhaus as a launcher. So I am now learning how DAOhaus works.

Ibrahim Lachguer has recently joined the Seigr Huset DAO project. I do also know artists willing to collaborate and people showing interest in the project.

What are the next steps?

We are now studying alternatives and tools and frameworks for the DAO’s website. I am also evaluating alternatives on how to include my label and maybe even my old netlabel into this model. The idea is to move all into the blockchain as a part of Seigr Huset, so it can be used as a frame onto which we can keep on building.

But most important of all, it is now time to spread the project and find people willing to take part in this adventure. The DAO needs not only investors but programmers with web3 experience, translators, ecologists, beekeepers… all kind of adventurers willing to help and build together!

Seigr Huset’s links: homepage, on DAOhaus, on twitter



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Sergi Saldaña Massó

Sergi Saldaña Massó

Interdisciplinary artist and forest beekeeper. Founder of Seigr Huset.